Guitar Lessons

In Mount Uniacke and neighbouring areas

A simple introduction to the charm, magic, and versatility of the guitar leaves a huge impression on many people. Quickly, the guitar can become your forever friend... and a lifelong passion.


At a Glance

Where are the Lessons available? Mount Uniacke District and neighbouring communities, including Middle and Upper Sackville, Lakelands, Ardoise, Ellershouse, Hillsvale, and South Rawdon.

Venue: In my home (Mount Uniacke), or in yours.

Approach: One-on-one lessons. You'll be up and playing some basic songs right away. You'll get an immediate sense of "Yes, I can do this!"  I'll add foundation and structure to your music gradually, at a pace you choose to learn.    

Custom-tailored:  I'll set up your personal lessons so they match the guitar styles and songs you would like to learn. 

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate.

Ages:  All ages.  Seniors welcome!  Learning guitar is not just for the young – it's also for the young at heart.  It's never too late to start a new pastime.

Price:  $15 per hour. 

Sample Lesson Outline

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To request more information, contact me through this site.